Going loco for coco (Chanel)

HI ALL, so yesterday I left my part time summer job at a well-known department store called Brown Thomas and as a last me-to-me parting gift I decided to buy this new eau de parfum GABRIELLE by Chanel. Now I didn’t get the hype of it at first cause I’ve already tried and tested two of the CHANCE perfumes and ALLURE but the only one I’ve ever repurchased is the original Chance because it is the scent of a newborn princess dancing in waterfalls and I simply adore it. So I wasn’t in any rush or looking to replace it any time soon. Disclaimer: I’m a weak bitch and I’ll buy anything you can sweet talk me into buying cause I tend to feel a sense of joy and peace of mind spending daddy’s money. Some great retail therapy sessions have been had in the last 10 years of my existence. Still cheaper than seeing a therapist I guess? ANYWHO, I received a sample of the GABRIELLE perfume when I bought the Chanel hydra essence mist (10/10 will blog about that later) and I FELL IN LOVE. It’s probably better than Chance dare I say it. So obviously I was going to get it because of who I am as a person. The bottle is made of ultra fine glass so it is EXCEPTIONALLY light making it super easy to throw in your handbag without it taking up any weight! The scent is all sorts of amazing like smelling happiness lying in a field of daisys in a newfound foreign land after running away from life’s responsibilities. That could just be my ridiculous imagination, each to their own. Gabs did well.

Yours in scent,

Sid xoxox

Author: Brunch Enthusiast

21 year old self-titled princess who can't shut up. A love for all things that sparkle and a deep ignited passion for Brunch. πŸ₯‚βœ¨

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