Chasing Churros

If the thought of buying churros doesn’t absolutely give you butterflies then your livin life wrong and you can’t sit with us. The excitement, the hype, the impatience, all but a few feelings i relate to when looking forward to getting churros. I live in Ireland so to me, churros are holiday treats. Only eaten during the summer when holidaying away in France. That was until this year when a lovely little churros stand had decided to set up in a busy shopping centre near me. Meant to be? Fate? I think so. Endless carbs? Gym more often? More than likely. Genuine happiness? Melts your heart? Warms your stomach? Abso-fuckin-lutely. I’m very passionate about churros incase that didn’t come across. I tried them as soon as I arrived back home and did it feel like I was walking through the beautiful streets of Paris again? Ah yes 💯

I also decided to make a life choice to get Churros at least once a week to keep my bad moods at bay. I think that’s a fair trade. Don’t want Uni stressing me out and I’ve found the perfect cure. Blessed would be an understatement. Chase your dreams, and churros and chase waterfalls too cause your supposed to be living your best life 🙌💃💯✨🥂

Yours in Churros,

Sid xoxo

Author: Brunch Enthusiast

21 year old self-titled princess who can't shut up. A love for all things that sparkle and a deep ignited passion for Brunch. 🥂✨

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