Back to Back Brunching 🥞🥂

So as you all should know by now I’ve v little hobbies outside of eating. Brunching would be my main game, and what a devine luxury it is. I can’t cook to save my life so of course going out is the safe option. Going all out is my signature option. How’d you like your eggs? Fried, scrambled, omelette, poached? Life is brilliant. I’ve tried it all and eggs will never let you down (unless you can’t have dairy, then they will, big time soz). I went for poached this time round and boy did it do the job. Thank you world for making Brunch a thing and I can only hope its healing abilities can one day solve WW3. Brunch it out boys.🥂

Yours in Brunch.

Sid xoxo

Smile and say CHEESEcake 😁🍰✨

After a long and eventful summer I’ve finally moved back up to live with my housemates for a new year of University. We’ve already started back on our brunch game, giving it 💯💯. V blessed to be friends with people to also love food more than people. Found the loveliest little cafe in a very busy shopping centre and had coffee and cake, strawberry cheesecake to be precise. The most delicious cheesecake that’s ever been made. Did it feed my stomach? Yes ✅ Did it feed my soul? Also yes ✅. Happy to be back would be the understatement of the century 💁✨

Yours in Cake,

Sid xoxo

Me myself and Eggs Benedict 🍳

So I’m going to start off with how much I enjoy Brunch and how I feel like it’s the best meal of the day and should be recognised a lot more by a lot more people. It needs a capital letter too otherwise your missing the point and my life is empty. It’s the perfect timing for those night owls who can’t get up early for breakfast and have to endure a delayed lunch. Why not just invent a thing called BRUNCH which is like bang in the middle and has no rules as to what you can eat? Oh wait IT DOES EXIST. And rightly so. It’s going to be big. And so am I when my metabolism slows down 😭 just making the most of my eggcellent youth. And yes I went there with the classic egg pun 🍳

Yours in Brunch , Sid xo