Smile and say CHEESEcake 😁🍰✨

After a long and eventful summer I’ve finally moved back up to live with my housemates for a new year of University. We’ve already started back on our brunch game, giving it 💯💯. V blessed to be friends with people to also love food more than people. Found the loveliest little cafe in a very busy shopping centre and had coffee and cake, strawberry cheesecake to be precise. The most delicious cheesecake that’s ever been made. Did it feed my stomach? Yes ✅ Did it feed my soul? Also yes ✅. Happy to be back would be the understatement of the century 💁✨

Yours in Cake,

Sid xoxo

Welcome to my world 🌎

Hi hello hey wonderful little humans. ✨✨ This is my fresh new blog and I’m super excited. I pretty much will use this as an outlet to share my opinion on everything and anything cause I’m a gal that likes to vent. I’ll talk about travelling cause I’m a globetrotting princess at heart and soul. I’ll throw in some skincare and makeup/ beauty stuff cause I’m a shopping and product slut who loves to splash dollahs on whatever appeals to my hungry eyes 👀😍 And I promise I’ll forever go on and on about my brunch /food preferences – obviously hence the classiest of names Brunchbitch and she born in the ’96. Hope you enjoy and done forget to engage.

Yours in Blog, Sid